This test is based on Mark Rosenfelder's American Culture Test and its responses.

This test only applies to the moe musumes living in their own world, for moe musumes living in the 8th world or other worlds, things are different since they live with other human beings or with long-longs.

If you are a Moe Musume编辑

  • You don't know anything about politics, there's fundamentally no needs of it, neverthless, you still believe in freedom and equality, and you believe that all rules should be written down, or at least should be told.
  • You're familiar with Rino the beloved greatest Oneisama, and characters from japanese mangas, japanese animes and japanese games, and you know that japanese mangas, japanese animes and japanese games were brought by Rino.
  • You may play ball games with your friends, but mostly being happy is the most important, whether rules exist or not, is not that important. but if there are rules, you will follow them at your best.
  • You count yourself fortune if you can eat, sleep and play all day long.

I like Oneesama the most!编辑

  • You are likely to believe in God or gods and might be religious, but mostly your belief is vague, neverthless, you respect everyone's belief.
  • You don't buy fast foods, but you may like to eat fast foods and know how to prepare them.
  • You probably own a telephone and a computer. Your place is heated in the winter and has its own bathroom. You do your laundry in a machine. You don't kill your own food, and may even think it's cruel to kill any animal for food. You don't have a dirt floor. You eat at a table, sitting on chairs.
  • You don't consider any animals to be food, you consider them as cute pets and playmates, neverthless, you still eat meat, providing that the meat you eat are obtained by tissue-culture, not by slaughtering any living animals.
  • A bathroom have a bathtub in it, and bathrooms are normally seperated from toilets.
  • It seems natural to you that the telephone system, railroads, auto manufacturers, airlines, and power companies are automatically run; indeed, you can hardly picture things working differently.
  • You expect, as a matter of course, that the phones will work. Getting a new phone is routine.
  • The train system is well, they are fast enough, and there are other ways to travel around.
  • You don't think you need to form a government, albeit you may know what a government may look like.
  • You don't expect to hear political views, because politics don't exist in your world, they only exist in fictional worlds and worlds of other human beings.
  • You think all problems will be solved at last, and if people put aside their prejudices and work together and, problems will be solved sonner and better.
  • There are no courts, but if there are written laws and rules, you automatically follow them and take them as something important.
  • You'd respect any language, and sometimes you speak them well enough to communicate with a monolingual person.
  • It's interesting to learn any foreign language, and sometimes you may feel it's necessary to learn a foreign language.
  • You don't pay taxes, neverthless, it's probable that you are willing to donate resources and your own abilities to maintain any system around your place, especially when you feel pity for the system or it seems to be interesting to work on the system.
  • School is free and everyone goes to it.

Th...this is not common sense at all!编辑

  • Mustard comes in jars. Milk comes in plastic jugs or cardboard boxes, and occasionally in bottles. since all moe musumes, including you, are girls, you need no shaving cream and there are no such things.
  • The date comes first: 31/12/2012 (And you know there's nothing happened on that date except that it's the last day of a year.)
  • Wars? you haven't engaged in any wars, however, you know that Rino has ever fought against some crazy misanthropists and their pedophilic assistants for you.
  • You expect marriages to be made for love, not arranged by third parties. You are likely to expect a romantic marriage that happen in church, but since everyone around you is a girl and you are also a girl, you don't have change to get married unless both of you and your lover are a lesbian. You expect one gets only one spouse at a time.
  • If a man has sex with another man, he's a homosexual, but you don't care it and may even be a yaoi fandom.
  • Once you're introduced to someone, you can call them by their first name, but you are very likely to add honorfic or intimate suffixes, which are borrowed from Japanese, on their first name or last name whenever you call them by their first name.
  • You're certainly a girl and all moe musumes are, neverthless, you don't go to the beach topless, being topless frequently makes you embarrased.
  • A hotel room has a private bath.
  • You'd rather a film be subtitled than dubbed.
  • You can't imagine to pay a bribe, but in fact, if you want to, there are no politicians that will accept your bribe.
  • A company can fire just about anybody it wants, although companies, if there are any, never fire anyone.
  • You like your chocolate crisp and fine sweet desserts.

How do big brothers and big sisters look like?编辑

  • You've probably seen Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Lucky Star, K-ON!, Yuru yuri, Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai, Boku no tomodachi ga sukunai, and other japanese animes, which are all brought by Rino, albeit many of them are in face made for male audiences, and you may try to create your own creations.
  • You Know Suzumiya Haruhi, Izumi Konata, Hirasawa Yui, Nakano Azusa, Akaza Akari, Misaka Mikoto, Kousaka Kirino, Gokou "Kuroneko" Ruri, and Kashiwazaki "Meat" Sena.
  • You count on excellent medical treatment. You know you're not going to die of any diseases or any natural causes, in fact, moe musumes are ageless and so your appearence and mind are always similar to cute 10- to 16-year-old girls. You expect very strong measures to be taken to save very ill babies or people in their eighties. You think dying at 65 would be a tragedy.
  • You only know a few of the history. Moe musumes barely have a history in the traditional sense, since they don't have political events.
  • You don't know the existence of the military, there's no army, however, you expect the military to fight wars, not get involved in politics if you know things about the military.
  • Although there's no military, your planet has never been conquered by a foreign nation or evil aliens, and you know that Rino your beloved Oneisama will protect you always.
  • You're not used to a wide variety of choices for almost anything you buy, in fact, you seldom buy things, most of things are distributed by the computer system.
  • You measure things in a system similar to the meter system.
  • You are not a farmer, although you may own a garden to plant flowers and fruits and may enjoy gardening.
  • Mangas come in computers, magazines and albums, and you may draw new mangas for magazines.
  • There are no talk shows, and you prefer animes more.
  • There are no police, because there are no crimes, and there are no criminals among moe musumes.
  • If a female is plumper than the average, it doesn't improve her looks, however, it's very hard for you to imagine that you would get plumper.
  • The biggest meal of the day is in the evening.
  • There's no part of the city you want to avoid at night.

Politics? is it something edible?编辑

  • If you are being listened to by your friends and ones you like, that's enough.
  • You don't care very much what family someone comes from.
  • Since no one dies, dividing estates of a deceased one is unknown.
  • You leave a message after the beep.
  • Taxis are generally operated by computers.
  • The Welfare system, which is operated by computers, is very poweful and gives things to everyone, and no one abuses it.
  • If you want to be a doctor, you need to study and get a certification first.
  • There are no lawyers.

How do the beloved big sisters and big brothers look like?编辑

  • If you have an appointment, you'll be ignored or the appointment will even be cancelled if you are late, however, if you apologize sincerely, you will be forgiven.
  • If you're talking to someone, you get uncomfortable if they approach closer than about two feet.
  • You don't expect to bargain for anything, there's no need to bargin.
  • You may simply show up at someone's place at any time.
  • You don't feel that there's a need to negotiate, and you usually try to give more benefits to others.
  • You don't have a business appointment or interview with someone.